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Welcome to VisionTrac.

Welcome to a place where who you are and who you want to be really matter.

The choices you make for work, lifestyle, and leadership are too important to waste.

We invite you to explore the Pro Energy Profiler, personalized coaching, and other transition resources for making your life more meaningful and enjoyable.

The world keeps changing at a faster and faster pace every day.

Just when we get used to one transition, we find ourselves in the midst of another. And another.

Knowing who we are, what we want to do, and how we can do that has never been more important. But getting a clear vision of all of that can be challenging. I know that first hand and want to help others benefit from my life experience and professional training.

My name is David Borchard, and I enjoy helping adults find and use their energizing strengths in the most fulfilling ways possible in work, lifestyle, and leadership.

My website offers a variety of fun and easy-to-use ways to help you do that, including the top-rated Pro Energy Profiler (PEP), available online and as a condensed paper and pencil version. I’m also available for individual coaching sessions and a free thirty minute consultation about your current situation and how the PEP can help you.

“We can’t know what the future will bring. But we can know what we bring to the future.”

—David Borchard

The Pro Energy Profiler

Ever noticed how you feel animated by some activities and drained by others?

Your energy peaks when you do something that engages your innate interests. Time drops away. You’re in the flow and operate at your top potential.

Want more of the glow that comes from tapping your own personal source of natural energy?

You can’t create your innate interests. You are born with them—or the proclivity for them. But you can discover them, develop them into skills, and apply them in work, lifestyle, and leadership.

The problem is that discovering them is not always easy.

As a licensed career counselor and certified executive coach with an educational background in psychological assessment, I created the Pro Energy Profiler (PEP) to help adults identify their innate interests and how to apply them. It’s an engaging and productive process that has lasting impact but can be completed in a few hours.

The Pro Energy Profiler been used by thousands of individuals in personal and professional development programs in its twenty-year history. With consistently outstanding reviews, it has been credited again and again as having a significant impact on key choices in work, lifestyle, and leadership.

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