Your Pro Energy Profiler Report

A report is generated immediately upon completing each of the three online assessments.

Each report graphically presents your energy style in a profile that incorporates brain dominance (left and right brain modes of thinking) with energy orientation (three ways in which people concentrate their personal energy – conceptual, relational, and kinesthetic).

The reports provide the following:

  • A graphic showing how your interests are profiled among six styles of energy
  • A report describing your interests in styles of energy and relating your high interest areas to work, leisure activities, and to well-known people characteristic of this style
  • A graphic showing how your skills are profiled among six styles of energy
  • A report detailing the kinds of skills and talents characteristic of the styles of energy rated as your highest competencies
  • A graphic profiling the percentage of time you spend in work activities associated with the assessment’s six styles of energy
  • A report suggesting what to do if your work activities match well or not as well with the activities of your energy style

Features of the online assessment:

  • instantaneous computer-based convenience in taking the assessments
  • an immediate report of your feedback results—you obtain your report as soon as you finish the instrument
  • automatic, computer-generated, scoring of your results, saving time and lessening the chance of human arithmetic error
  • individualized reports geared to your unique profile